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  • What are the payment methods?
    • CashDinero en efectivo
    • Electronic transfer
    • Debit card
    • Credit card



  • How long does it take my order to be ready?
    • Depending on the type of product if it is in stock or must be manufactured. When the seller quotes, he will communicate the terms. The manufacturing time varies according to the type of product requested. When the order is ready, the assigned salesperson will contact you to inform the customer that it is available to be removed or dispatched.

  • How long does an office take?
    • The time it takes to clear the product will depend on the deadlines of the companies in charge of transport and the place of destination.

  • How long does it take since the product is ready until Ignisterra does the dispatch?

    • There are days of dispatch assigned per week. Therefore, it will depend on the day the product is ready to determine the delivery time. It is considered from 1 to 10 days.



  • Do you make national and international shipments?

    • Yes. Shipments of Ignisterra products are national and international. To specify an international shipment, it is recommended to carry out a pre-evaluation by calling the company.



  • How is the quality of Ignisterra products ensured?

    • Ignisterra has more than 25 years working under high quality standards that will ensure excellent products. Ignisterra works with Lenga wood, artificially dried with a humidity of + -8%. The lenga is a noble native wood, of fine grain, which allows excellent terminations. Ignisterra has a long history of exporting its products to different countries and clients such as: United States, Germany, Italy, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Canada, Spain, among others.

  • Where can I see the dimensions and characteristics of the products?

    • To see the dimensions and characteristics, you can download our catalogs, see the information directly on our products page or request more information at or call +56 32 2328500

  • How can I quote products?

    • To quote products, it is necessary that the client communicates with the company via telephone, via e-mail or in a personal way so that the information is completely transparent and can quote the products that he needs to buy.


  • How long are Ignisterra products guaranteed?

    • Each Ignisterra product is different and has a guarantee assigned according to its conditions of use. Ignisterra doors are the only product that has an extended limited warranty of 5 years after receipt.

  • How is the product warranty effective?

    • The legal guarantee of the product becomes effective if it failed due to manufacturing problems, it does not become effective if the client misused it. To claim the product warranty, the customer must approach the store, call to coordinate or send an e-mail to their assigned executive.
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