IGNISTERRA is the largest producer of Kiln Dried sawn lumber and processed products in fine wood, especially in Lenga (Nothofagus pumilio), which is a Chilean native noble wood that grows exclusively in the extreme south of South America. 

IGNISTERRA offers a wide range of products manufactured in Lenga from Kiln Dried sawn lumber to cut-to-size pieces, edge glued panels (EGP), glulam beams & elements, and an increasing production in the areas of ​​design and architecture, such as windows and doors in solid wood, flooring, cladding, all types of furniture and furniture parts & pieces completely machined, assembled or ready to assemble, according to each customer’s specifications.






In all its activities IGNISTERRA has a strong commitment to environmental care and responsible forest management. All products are FSC ®  (Forest Stewardship Council  ® ) certified.

IGNISTERRA has 15,000 hectares in Tierra del Fuego, where it has a self-sustaining energy industrial plant, which includes a modern sawmill, kiln drying facilities and a pre-processing plant, which has been in operation since 1992.

In addition the company has a manufacturing plant in Villa Alemana with more than a hundred types of equipment from manual machinery to CNC routers. In its industrial facilities IGNISTERRA has implemented the latest in cutting edge technology, which along with its highly qualified personnel and ISO 9001 management system, allows it to design and manufacture products with the highest level of quality.






The Company was founded in 1992 and is currently owned by Chilean investors. For 15 years, the company was geared almost exclusively for exports, encouraging us to develop high quality products for international market standards.

The markets with which it has worked with are: Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Denmark, Belgium, Armenia and Portugal), Asia (Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand), Middle East (Jordan, Dubai, Lebanon and Kuwait) and America (Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, Argentina and Peru).

In recent years, the company has expanded its business in the domestic market, promoting this native species, which has been very well received amongst top designers and architects in Chile.

During the year 2013, Ignisterra has opened different showrooms throughout domestic market to promote its products, whose aim is to propose high quality wood products, highlighting those related to architecture and construction.




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