Ignisterra has a high interest and a great focus on satisfying the needs of its customers who are looking for the best wood for their projects. The company wants its customers to feel satisfied and satisfied with their products, which is why the purchases made in Ignisterra are subject to the following exchange and refund policies:

  • If a product is purchased and it fails due to bad handling, installation or misuse, the customer has no right to claim legal guarantee; whether this is the change of the product or the total return of the money. For this reason, a good reading of the guarantee and conditions of the products is very important. It could be an example of misuse given to the product that the acquired door does not have a canopy that completely protects it from the rays of the sun and rain, that is not with a correct finish or has been badly stored. Another example is that gourmet tables are left submerged, washed in a dishwasher or near ovens.

  • If the product purchased in Ignisterra does not comply with the specified in the quote or has structural failures, despite having respected the correct use and instructions for use of the product, the customer has 3 months of legal guarantee from the receipt of the product; where you have the power to choose between the following three options: the repair of the product, the change of this or the total return of your money.

  • Ignisterra doors are the only product that has an extended limited warranty of 5 months after receipt (only against structural failures that are not related to poor handling, installation or use of the product). In this way, the company provides security to its customers so that they feel satisfied with their purchase and backed up in the event of an inconvenience. * Consider the warranties that are included in the product or download file on the web.

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