Conservation and commitment to the environment, FSC certified


Regarding environmental care, Ignisterra works with high standards of conservation and commitment, based on models of sustainable forest management. The wood is extracted from its own forests in Tierra del Fuego, through a responsible forestry management, authorized and controlled by CONAF (National Forest Corporation).

Forestry management consists in harvesting a controlled percentage of adult trees, allowing small trees to grow, receive sunlight and thus never disrupting the forest cycle.

In addition, it seeks to efficiently use all parts of the tree, this is done by cutting its wood in random widths and lengths as well as promoting the acceptance of natural characteristics of the wood, such as knots and color differences.



Since 2009 Ignisterra has been FSC ®  certified, making it a pioneer in Chilean certification of natural forests. With this, Ignisterra ensures an environmentally responsible forestry management, that it is socially beneficial and economically viable. In 2013, the company obtained the highest recognition in the Southern Summit by placing first as a sustainable export company, awarded by ProChile.

Finally, Ignisterra’s sawmill in Tierra del Fuego has a modern co-generator plant of sustainable biomass thermo and electric energy production, which allows it to sell Carbon Credits certified by the United Nations.



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